August 2, 2021

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Izaiah Garcia Found Guilty of First Degree Murder of Sandia High School Student Sean Markey

This morning a jury found Izaiah Garcia guilty of first-degree murder (depraved mind murder) and guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon with a firearm enhancement. The jury did not fill out the verdict forms for second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter, and as a result, the court declared a mistrial on those counts. 

After a ten day-long trial, the jury deliberated part of Friday and returned a verdict on Monday morning in which the jury found Garcia guilty of the two felony counts. An exhaustive trial presentation by prosecutors and APD’s detailed investigation proved that Garcia fired the bullet that killed Sean Markey at the party that night and that Garcia acted with indifference to human life at the time of the event. Garcia’s sentencing is scheduled for 90 days from today; he is currently detained with no bond. 

“We are pleased with the jury’s verdict and hope it brings some comfort to Sean Markey’s family,” said Raul Torrez Bernalillo County District Attorney. “This trial came with several challenges and our team overcame them with strong police work by the Albuquerque Police Department and an outstanding trial presentation by members of our major crimes division.” 

Garcia is also awaiting trial for the murder of Cayla Campos which is scheduled to take place in December.

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