February 8, 2022

Tom Outler

Remembering Tom Outler

We are sad to share that our former colleague and friend, Chief Deputy District Attorney, Tom Outler passed away last weekend.

Tom had a distinguished legal career in private practice and government employment before becoming a prosecutor. He was a key member of our team early in DA Torrez’s administration. He was instrumental in establishing the Special Assistant US Attorney – ADA cross-designation program that has successfully taken some of the most dangerous individuals off of Albuquerque’s streets. Tom also helped spearhead efforts to fight the Case Management Order, drafting some of our earliest communications to the courts on the issue. He left our office in 2020 to join the United States Attorney’s Office.

Tom was a joy to be around. He was a sharp lawyer and an affable person. Outside of the legal arena, his interests ranged from art to tennis. As a result, a conversation with Tom was always interesting, especially over ramen.

He will be missed.

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