I Want To File a Temporary Order of Protection

A temporary order of protection is an order granted for the protection of a victim of domestic abuse and is in effect for 30 days. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, more information on filing an order of protection can be found on the Second Judicial District Court website.

Who can apply for a temporary order of protection?

Under New Mexico law, only individuals that are household members can apply for a temporary order of protection. A “household member” is defined as a legally married spouse, a parent, a grandparent, a step-child, a grandchild, a co-parent, or individuals in a continuing close personal relationship with characteristics of emotional connectedness, regular contact, and ongoing physical contact and/or sexual behavior who identify as a couple, or have familiarity and knowledge about each other's lives.

Where can I apply for a temporary order of protection?

You can fill out the forms online, you can find them here.

Due to Covid-19 our confidential kiosks located in the Victim Resource Center are unavailable.

What do I need to file a temporary order of protection?

You will need basic contact information for you (the Petitioner) and for any other person for whom you are also seeking protection (a Protected Party), such as:

  • Addresses and contact information
  • Date of birth, if known
  • Employer information, if known
  • Information about children, if any
  • Details of the bad or dangerous conduct of the person you are seeking protection from (the Respondent)
  • The location of this person, if known.