March 25, 2021


Women’s History Month: Crystal Rubio

Meet Crystal Rubio, a Victim Witness Assistant within our Major Crimes Division. Crystal’s background revolves around early childhood education which makes her a great fit for her current role as a Victim Witness Assistant. She has had many life and educational experiences that have brought her to her rewarding career at the District Attorney’s Office. During the seven  years Crystal has been at the DA’s office she has assisted in the creation of our Volunteer Victim Advocate Service Unit. 

Crystal has a wide range of experience which began as a front desk receptionist that then transitioned into her role as a Victim Witness Assistant which has spanned across many divisions such as the Crimes Against Children, Violent Crimes, Metro Crimes and Special Victims units.  She finds her current role  to be one of the most rewarding as she is helping those navigate the criminal justice system.  Crystal supports victims and their families by providing them information regarding their case and guiding them through the criminal justice process. Here is what she had to say about Women’s History Month:

Why is Women’s History Month important to you?   

 I have lived all over the world and one of the things I have taken away from those experiences is that women empowering women is a powerful thing!

What women do you draw inspiration from?  

My inspiration has often come from my mother. She has been a woman of integrity, moral standards, and hardworking. I have also had many strong and independent as well as successful women that I have learned from. I continue to get to know other women who strive to be their best and give their best every day. Until I die, I will learn everything I can from anyone that will share knowledge with me.   

What does it mean to be a woman in law?  

 It is tough to be in my role as I am helping assist victims and their families through their worst experience(s). With that being said, it is also very rewarding to be in a position where I can walk alongside with them and try to provide resources, care and information during their criminal justice journey. 

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